7 weeks of coaching+cleansing+community to balance your chakras for inner peace, happiness, energy and love.


Do you desire to feel more whole and peaceful? Confident and like you're fulfilling your purpose? 

Do you struggle with negativity, self-doubt, anxiety, low self-esteem and constant worry? 

Ever wonder if you'll ever *really* be able to find a sense of calm and be content in the present moment? 

Feel like you're living small? That life is cruel?  Find it hard to trust others and afraid of nearly everything? 

Are you so ready to LET GO from what's holding you back and become the person that you KNOW you're meant to be? 

Are you ready to TRULY understand your needs so you can feel:







Open to New Ideas


Excited About Life



...and so much more? 

-then the Chakra Cleanse is totally for you!

Think of your chakras like a blue-print for your self-care. 

When your chakras are open and balanced, things connect and flow. You begin to feel bright and hopeful..you shine and FEEL GOOD.

Your chakras are incredibly important to balance in order to set healthy boundaries, protect yourself from unfriendly and harmful forces in your daily life and choosing to feel CONFIDENT, POWERFUL and HAPPY. You reach your state of spirituality, enlightenment and bliss. 


But what can I do for you? I can show you the HOW: how to take charge, how to cleanse the energy, and how to manage it...

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​Get a complete understanding of exactly how each of the 7 main chakras affects your LIFE in every aspect: your mood, energy, happiness, relationships, security, money, love, spirituality and so much more on each weekly live masterclass. 

Get CLEAR step-by-step instructions on how to cleanse each chakra using YOGA, MEDITATION, SELF-REFLECTION, ESSENTIAL OILS and *fun* homework!

Go through this incredible journey of healing and self-discovery with like-minded people JUST LIKE YOU. A community of fellow Zen Babes every step of the way to support and encourage one another.

Discover a DEEP connection to your true, highest self.  Your BEST self.  Your inner-world.  Find your wholeness. 

Week 1: "Access" (AKA Chakra 1)

Your journey of the chakra system begins! We'll kick of the course by learning all about the energy basics: what are your auras + everything you need to know about energy.  I'll teach you how to clean up your aura plus an overview of the 7 main chakras themselves (the Chakras 101 video course is a prerequisite before we begin!)

Diving in the first chakra- AKA "Root Chakra", we are going to enter the body, your subtle energy system and begin the journey inward.  This week we will focus on learning to maintain your energy to feel grounded, centered, that it's easy to take good care of yourself, feel healthy and that you value your body and your life. 

Cleansing the first chakra is so important! This is where you will feel a sense of: safety, stability, survival, feeling like you belong and deserve to be here, that you are supported in your life, you value being alive and are able to ACCESS your center self. 

Don't worry! I'll teach you the exact steps you need to take this week to cleanse and open this chakra.

Week 2: "Aware" (AKA Chakra 2)

It's time to focus on your vitality, passion, emotions and pleasures of life during this week's 2nd chakra cleanse. 

This week you will learn how to feel your feelings, let go, have fun, express yourself creatively + sexually and enjoy life's pleasures.  I'll teach you how to open the floodgates and FEEL, baby, FEEL! What's life when you are not AWARE of your feelings, you're shy, emotionally unstable and shutdown all of the time? You deserve to let it out. 

You'll be supported as you work to connect with your PASSION (I'll show you the way to discover this), feel inspired, raise your energy and desire, connection and friendliness. 

Week 3: "Action" (AKA Chakra 3)

Now that you feel safe and are enjoying life's pleasures- we're going to dive into your inner-fire in the 3rd chakra.  The energy that helps you to bring your dreams into a reality by taking ACTION.

It's the time to cleanse this chakra in order to increase your confidence, willpower, strengthen your gut instinct and personal boundaries. 

You can have all of the support and knowledge you could ever need, but without the willpower, sense of self, strength and courage, you'll never be able to put your ideas/plans/goals into play and take ACTION.

I will share with you my absolute favorite strategies to increasing your confidence and inner-fire.  The world needs you to feel a strong sense of love and deep appreciation for yourself. 

BONUS: You'll learn how to harness your inner-power to the next level by improving your gut health and poop (yes!) with the Unblock Your Bowels, Unblock Your Life workshop and ebook. 

Week 4: "Affection" (AKA Chakra 4)

It's time to focus on cleansing away the sadness, betrayal, hurt and rejection out of your heart chakra this week.  We're going to focus on bringing you to a state filled with self-love, compassion, the ability to see love in all things and people,  learn to trust others, yourself and the process of life.  

As we balance this chakra, you'll find that your relationships improve (with others and yourself), you'll increase your own sense of inner-peace and feel inspired to reach out and serve someone who is in need (from a loving place!).

I'll teach you everything I know about opening this chakra so you can live your life with your heart wide open.  It's the single best way I know to feel truly alive.  You deserve to feel alive with AFFECTION for everything and everyone in your life. ​

Week 5: "Articulate" (AKA Chakra 5)

By now you've cleared the energy to feel safe, creative, strong and loving.....and now it's time to stand up and speak your truth.  So often we think this means speaking your truth to others- which it does- but I think the most important aspect of this is calling out the lies you've been telling yourself.  Truthfulness to YOU. 

I'll show you how to face your truth (what's important to you...what you really want....what is holding you back from living your best life NOW) and embrace the energy to articulate this.  To finding healing, contentment, living in the present moment and become comfortable meditating and communication with your higher power. 

I'll be there every step of the way for you to unblock and balance the throat chakra so that you can communicate more freely, connect to yourself and be able to ask your highest self, "what message do you have for me today?" 

Week 6: "Ability" (AKA Chakra 6)

You've reached the week of cleansing the stagnant energy keeping you from hearing your intuition and knowing the answers from within you. 

Using the power of the F word (forgiveness), this week focuses heavily on your wisdom, spirituality, discipline and enhance your ability to be open to receiving spiritual guidance. 

I love this week so much.  Our third eye can reduce panic attacks, headaches, insomnia and more- it's time to bring this chakra to it's full potential for YOU.  

When your intuition is strong, you don't need to rely on others for answers to your questions or next steps or even your purpose.  You can look within, connect and know the answers.  It's called your intuition.  I'll show you step-by-step how to increase this ability that we all carry.  It's up to us to see that it's there. 

Week 7: "Awaken" (AKA Chakra 7)

You've come to the week of AWAKEN- cleansing your 7th chakra in order to deepen your consciousness, bliss, living in the moment, at peace with you life and whole-ness with yourself and the universe/angels/God (whatever resonates with you).  

This is such an incredibly important chakra to balance because when we feel awaken to the Divine and personally connected to the God/Universe/Angels, you find the ultimate inner peace.  The enlightenment. The bliss. 

You deserve to feel a deep meaning to life, to feel aspiration and the OPPOSITE of stuck, overwhelmed and helpless.  When you discover your own spiritual connection to your higher power with this cleansed chakra....everything is right in your life and in your world.  You deserve this ultimate peace.  I'll teach you the way. 

I credit this chakra to overcoming all of my darkest moments and challenges in life- anxiety, depression, confusion, overwhelm and ongoing "stuck-ness".  When I cleanse this chakra I feel a deep sense of peace that I believe you deserve. 

"Before [working with Alisha] I was a much more anxious person. I would worry about the future and things down the road that may never actually happen to the point where I couldn't watch or hear anyone talking about news without letting it mentally cripple me for days. Not only that, but my anxiety was manifesting physically: constant lower back pain & SI joint issues. During the coaching calls Alisha helped me get to the root (pun intended) of where my anxiety started and through that, some serious inner work, root chakra work and grounding I was able to finally confront my fears and start moving past them (and take care of that back pain!). I feel so much more calm and able to live in the present moment versus worrying myself into oblivion for days about things beyond my control. :) It's a process but right now "I am safe, and everything is ok in this moment." Thank you Alisha! "


Working with Alisha was SO GOOD! It was a really amazing way to deepen my connection with chakras and how my energy was affecting my everyday life. I love that she says "chakras are the blueprint of self care" because I really found myself focusing on helping the chakra that was feeling closed at that time. I used this tool to feel grounded, be happy, and feel more confident. Thank you so much Alisha. It was amazing working with you.


7 weeks of coaching+cleansing+community​

For seven weeks you'll be guided in this energy cleanse with videos, recordings, live calls, and FUN homework so you have clear steps and actions to diving deep and taking control of your self-care for the life you desire to live. ​

The course takes place 100% online!​

Beginning June 1st, we will get together LIVE at the weekly MASTERCLASS where I will be there for you!

Together we'll go through the masterclass for the chakra of the week to learn invaluable knowledge and wisdom about said chakra and you'll get a chance to ask questions to help ensure you have an unforgettable experience. 

You'll have unlimited replays of the videos (and access to them forever!) 

Upon enrolling, you'll get immediate access to our private community filled with other people like you eager to cleanse their chakras and energy.  More information and next steps will be sent directly to your inbox.  You'll also gain access to the Chakra Cleanse Cheatsheet, 30 Min Chakra Cleansing Meditation and the Workshop + eBook "Unblock Your Bowels + Life". 

3 x 20 Minute Chakra Clearing Distance Reiki Sessions

VALUE - $150

​Alisha will energetically cleanse, clear and balance your chakras using distance reiki- a technique where the practitioner channels energy to the client with a focus on each of the 7 chakras.  Sessions done via phone!

1 Month Bonus Follow-Up Support- Live Q&A 

VALUE - $100

​Have access to Alisha for additional coaching 1 month after the cleanse ends.  Get answers to all of your questions daily in the online group PLUS a bonus Live Q&A call in July. 

1 Essential Oil Of Your Choice

VALUE - $35

You get to choose which chakra you want to focus on cleansing with an essential oil of your choice from me to you! Simply let me know what one you'd like and will have it delivered straight to your home. 

Chakra Cleanse Cheatsheet eGuide 

VALUE - $35

​A beautiful PDF cheatsheet of all things you need to know about cleansing your chakra for a quick reference when you need it. 

30 Minute Chakra Cleansing Guided Meditation 

VALUE - $18

​This entire full-chakra spectrum meditation will leave you feeling light, clear, peaceful and calm.  Yours forever. 

Workshop + ebook: Unblock Your Bowels & Life

VALUE - $30

​A Digestive Health Workshop that will explore how your gut health relates to your overall wellbeing- including how your third chakra plays a major role in healing your gut and taking back your personal power.  Comes with a 90 minute video workshop and eBook. 

LIVE Kundalini 101 Workshop with Lexi Ann Schaffer 

VALUE - $33

Lexi Ann Schaffer is an expert in Kundalini is going to host a LIVE kundalini 101 class during the cleanse- including a kundalini meditation and Q&A (kundalini is the life force energy that awakens our chakras).


Hold up! A  $444 digital course with $400 in bonuses? Is this real? (Yep!)

Hi Zen Babe! I'm Alisha Leytem. 

I am a Certified Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner,  Chakra Chief and founder of Zen Babe. 

I am crazy excited that you're here!

My intention for this course is to give you a blueprint for your self-care that will stay with you for a lifetime.  

I believe so much that you deserve to feel peaceful, balanced, excited about life, connected, creative and the happiest person you know. ​

I want to share with you the blueprint that helped me overcome my anxiety, depression, overwhelm, loss of self and lack of meaning in my life. I credit it all to the chakras and the tools I am going to teach you to cleanse them. ​

I am certain that without these tools- yoga, meditation, self-discovery, essential oils and more- that I would not be sitting here writing to you today. I wouldn't be living the life of my dreams or believe that I am worthy of being happy.  I wouldn't be the healthiest I've ever been or living my purpose.  I would most likely be doing what I thought I "should" be doing.  And I know this can change everything for you, too.  

I believe that having the courage to face yourself and your deepest fears will give you the strength to step up and become the person you've always meant to become. 

A little about me: I currently reside in my dream city in  California, obsessed with trees (and hugging them), happily married to my college sweetheart and dog-mom to the world's most adorable 9-year old maltipoo (only slightly biased).

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Course is valued at $777! We're offering this cleanse at a major discounted rate PLUS $400 in bonuses! What a deal omgggg!