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I’m Alisha Leytem – Certified Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher here to help you totally satisfy your cravings for living a truly healthy, happy and fulfilling life. 

In my 1:1 wellness coaching sessions and private yoga classes, I empower clients to learn how to take charge of their own health and happiness by giving them practical tools to live their lives as the BEST version of themselves. 

In other words, I help you open your eyes to a see different perspective on your life and EMPOWER you to live your best life now.  Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling. 

Now, I’ve got a question for you – yes. YOU.

How do you feel right now?  Let’s be honest for a sec.  For realsies, yes?  YES. 

You know that you could feel better.  And you know what you need to do to feel better.  You take two steps forward and one step back.  Nothing seems to stick.  You’re looking for the sign to fill that void of something missing in your life.  You are striving to feel WHOLE, happy and healthy.  

You CAN feel amazing, be happy and stay that way forever!  No more quick diets, fast fixes or the like.  You’ve come to the place to help you make a LIFELONG CHANGE.  I’m here for you. We’re in this together. 

I’m here for you because I understand what it feels like to be stuck.  I know what it feels like to be confused, chronically stressed and afraid of what life will look like when you get healthy and change your habits.  I’m here to help EMPOWER you.  You already have it in you, love.  I’m simply here to bring that out.  You are enough.  And you have come to the right place.  Make yourself at home!  

It’s time, my friend.  Are you ready to make a change?  All you have left to do is learn more here.  


´╗┐´╗┐Praise For Wellness Coaching with Alisha


I was struggling to get where I wanted to be in my life when I hired Alisha as my Wellness Coach.  She helped me become a confident, less stressed, healthier and more spiritual person.  Working with Alisha wasn’t just for a temporary fix, it was to learn things to apply to the rest of my every day life.  I believe having Alisha be there 100% without any questions asked to support me was huge and the reason why I was so successful in my 3 month coaching program.  I’m so thankful that I got to work with Alisha because I would probably still be stuck if it wasn’t for her pushing me and guiding me into a healthier and less stressful life I live now :) 


Alisha has changed my life in so many ways.  For 10 years, I have had serious digestive issues, surgeries, doctors, and yes thousands of dollars on medicine which did NOTHING for me.  One night I was taking 8 laxatives and realized nothing is going to change.  I decided to see Alisha and try one last route.  After working with Alisha, not only do I not have to take laxatives anymore , but I have learned how to see the WHOLE PICTURE of my health. Along with my happy belly, I have a healthy grocery list (I actually spend a little less than I did before), and best of all, I have a new respect for myself. Thanks to Alisha I learned how to start each morning with positive thoughts and my nights with a happy belly!


Upon looking to Alisha for some guidance, I knew that I wanted to not only lose some weight, but be happier about myself overall. I had never sought the help of a wellness coach before and I didn’t know what to expect. I had visions of Alisha being somewhat of a personal trainer to me and guiding me through what I should be doing. I was way off. What I found from Alisha was a very personal and realistic approach to wellness. She was a tremendous coach and support system.  Alisha helped me to recognize the core of who I am, and now I am truly a happier and well balanced person.  Wellness no longer just means simply losing weight  and eating healthy. I now view wellness as a holistic approach.