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I’m Alisha Leytem – Certified Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher here to help you feed your mind, body & soul.

In my 1:1 wellness coaching sessions and private yoga classes, I empower clients to learn how to take charge of their own health and happiness by giving them practical tools to live their lives as the BEST version of themselves. 

In other words, I help you open your eyes to a see different perspective on your life and EMPOWER you to live your best life now.  Healthy, Happy and Fulfilling. 

I’m here for you because I understand what it feels like to be stuck.  I know what it feels like to be confused, chronically stressed and afraid of what life will look like when you get healthy and change your habits.  I’m here to help EMPOWER you.  You already have it in you, love.  I’m simply here to bring that out.  You are enough.  And you have come to the right place.  

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