Tiny Bites of Inspiration

It’s officially March, ya’ll!  Hopefully this means that spring will be gifting us with it’s presence sooooon.  I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to share some “tiny bites” of things that I’ve been inspired by lately.  Let me know if you dig this and it could possibly turn into a weekly series! <3 

Oh She Glow’s Warm and Roasted Winter Salad Bowl 


 The hubby and I have been eating a variation of these winter veggie bowls like CRAZY lately.  They’re so easy to make and an awesome way to get in more veggies at the end of the day.  Plus anything with tahini-lemon dressing is practically magic. 

An Entrepreneur’s Inspiring Desk! 

I’ve just been inspired by Alex Beadon SO MUCH lately.  Her enthusiasm for life and her work is so awesome.  She’s really inspired me to keep adding things to my desk that inspire me and keep those creative juices flowing.  Don’t feel like you have to work at home to do this- amp up the energy of your desk no matter where you are!  

Louise Hay’s Power Thought Cards


 Everyday I try to pick a new affirmation card from my deck of Louise Hay’s Power Thought Cards.  Then I hang it on my white board above my desk, meditate on it and repeat it throughout the day.  They’re perfect for when you’re feeling down on yourself and need a little reminder of how awesome you really are. (Really).

 Feng Shui 

Ever since listening to The Wellness Wonderland’s latest podcast about feng shui with Anjie Cho, I’ve been seeing signs of feng shui everywhereeee!  

“Rearrange your room, rearrange your life” <—– SO true!  I recently had a client who rearranged her room (like hardcore got rid of a lot of things, moved her bed, cleared out things that didn’t serve her anymore), and her life has changed dramatically.  

Since learning a little more about feng shui, I’ve thought back to all of the times that I’ve rearranged by home office and I have to say that each time I did, there was a big shift in my business.  Love it!

I highly recommend checking out these articles about feng shui! Get your zen on!

10 things I wish everyone knew about feng shui

7 Tips to Bring More Positive Energy into your Home

Oh and I have to mention that since the new year, I’ve brought in 4 new plants into my home and it’s made such a difference in how I feel! I can honestly say that I feel more calm and uplifted when I’m in the presence of a living plant ;)

This Book 










I hosted our February book club (at Release Yoga Studio) last week and this was the book I chose for us to discuss.  Two words: Life. Changing.  I think about one of the agreements every single day and it’s helped me so much.  

This Documentary About Happiness

Honestly, the documentary itself is way better than the trailer above (it’s usually the other way around, right!?).  Seriously though, watch it on Netflix.  It will only change your entire life <3

This song    

(I know, I know I’m really late to the party.  I don’t listen to the radio and “discovered” it on Spotify….haha ;) )

This crazy-awesome-challenging 20 minute yoga flow video 

Just like she says in her video description- don’t be afraid to try it! You never know what you are capable of


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How to Stop Feeling Tired All of the Time

Stop Feeling Tired

Sleeeeeeep.  (Did I bore you already?  Keep reading to get your free gift at the end! I pinky swear you’ll love it). 

Love it? Hate it?  Love to hate it?  Love it when it’s easy, hate it when it’s hard? 


I gotta be honest with you, sleep has always been fairly easy for me.  So when I don’t get enough of it, I notice a HUGE difference in myself.  And it ain’t pretty. 

When I go 2 or 3 days on less than 6 hours of sleep a night, I often find myself craving unhealthy foods, feeling groggy, my body physically aches with tightness and soreness, I’m irritable and just overall not a pleasant person to be around.   Oh, and not to mention….everything that I’m stressed about is 100x worse when I’m lacking sleep.  SUPER STRESS. 

Can you relate?

So we all know that not getting enough sleep is bad for you.  We can agree on this, right? But what really happens to our bodies when we consistently sleep very little? 

Too little sleep may lead to higher levels of:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • breast cancer
  • stroke
  • diabetes
  • injury
  • unhealthy cravings aka: WEIGHT GAIN
  • getting SICK (lower immune system)


Sooo really the problem with too little sleep is…

Lack of sleep = Stress on the body = weight gain, premature aging, hair loss, hormone imbalances, infertility, and lowered immune function.

Ummmm that list is sad.  No bueno.  Not how I want to live my life.  What about you?  

Because I like to keep things positive over here, what happens when we DO get enough sleep at night? What then? 

Getting enough sleep at night may help with: 

  • improved memory (helloooo promotion!)
  • live longer 
  • spur creativity
  • lower stress
  • healthy weight
  • steer clear of depression
  • sharpen attention (YES)
  • reduce inflammation in the body (omg double yes)
  • reduce those dark under eye circles!
  • and of course- be a in a better mood


How many times have you wanted to sleep so badly but found yourself too exhausted from the stress to actually get some shut eye?  You’re sooo tired but your body and mind just can’t seem to relax and let you get the recovery that you need at night?  Your mind is racing like cray with the to-do list that you didn’t finish and what you need to get done tomorrow.  It’s overwhelming (been there, done that!). 

You’re in a rock and a hard spot.  If you had more energy during the day, you could be on your A game and get more done.  But if you can’t sleep at night, will you have the energy to get through the day and tackle that to-do list?  Hmmm.  What to do? How do you stop feeling tired all of the time?  hint: sleep is part of the answer =) 

Try tackling some of this tips and finding your way to dreamland + more energy.  

1. First and foremost- make it a priority.  Just how important is it for you to get a good night’s sleep? COMMIT that it’s important to you and you will make it a priority. 


2. BLACK OUT YOUR ROOM.  Try not to let any light in to help optimize the best sleep.  This includes windows, electronics, and any light at all!

3. Make your bed in the morning.  This helps your bed look much more appealing when you get to go to sleep at night. 

4.  Keep your bedroom cool (65-67 degrees F).  This really helps with waking up in the middle of the night from being too hot :)

5. Create a calming bedroom atmosphere.  Ever notice how much harder it is to sleep with a cluttered room full of laundry, books, to-do lists, etc.?  Spend 10 minutes to clear the clutter and make it a nice and inviting room to relax and unwind.  

Got these steps down? GREAT!  But what if your mind is still racing a million miles a minute, you ask?  I’ve gotchu covered.  Whenever I’ve had one of those days when I need some serious helping relaxing and unwinding, I always turn to this easy 5 step nighttime ritual. 

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Sweet Dreams,


15 Minute Energizing Yoga (Video)

15 Min.

I’m so excited to share my first official yoga practice video with you! <3 

I created this video with you in mind- keeping it short and sweet but also effective.  It’s great for the mid-afternoon slump or right in the morning when you’re looking for an energy boost.   This leaves me feeling more zen, open and awake. 

This is an all-levels flow (meaning anyone can do it), but it is helpful if you’ve practiced before and will understand the poses a little bit more.   Just so you are aware, it’s a slightly quicker pace.

I’m currently teaching on average of 6 yoga classes a week at my local yoga studio in Northeastern Ohio and have been wanting to share my love of yoga with the online world for a while now- so I’m pretty pumped that the time has come.  YAY!   

I hope you enjoy!  If you liked this post and video, please let me know in the comments.  I want to be making things that you enjoy.  

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Simple Sweet Potato and Chicken Buffalo Nachos

Just because the Superbowl is officially over, that doesn’t mean you need to cut back on the obscene amounts of buffalo sauce you’ve been eating!

Or, at least in my world.  #buffaloobsessed

buffalo nachos

I’ve been making this Simple Sweet Potato and Chicken Buffalo Nachos meal a lot over the past few months and thought it wasn’t nice of me to keep this recipe from all of you.  And it’s beyond simple.  Absolutely anyone can make it.  And not to mention full of good, healthy stuff.  

Sweet potatoes.  Organic chicken.  Cilantro.  Blue Cheese,  Buffalo Sauce.  Done and Done. 

Did you know that sweet potatoes can help fight PMS?  It’s true.  Eat more sweet potatoes. 

Simple Sweet Potato and Chicken Buffalo Nachos
Serves 1
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Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
1 hr
Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
1 hr
  1. 1 large sweet potato
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Salt and Pepper
  4. 1 small organic chicken breast
  5. Coconut Oil
  6. 1-2 TB blue cheese
  7. 1 TB of fresh cilantro
  8. 2-4 TB Favorite Buffalo Sauce
  1. Preheat oven to 425.
  2. Cut sweet potato into long wedges. Mix with olive oil and salt/pepper. Place into oven to start baking.
  3. Meanwhile, make your chicken breast. Sprinkle liberally with salt/pepper on each side. Melt 1 tsp of coconut oil in a pan. Sear chicken breast until cooked through. Let cool and chop or shred chicken.
  4. After about 15 minutes, flip sweet potatoes. Cook for another 10. Remove sweet potatoes and turn the heat up to 475. Once the heat has reached 475, put sweet potatoes back in and bake until desired crispiness (5-10 minutes). Careful not to burn them!
  5. Assemble your nachos. Place sweet potato fries on a place. Top with chicken, cilantro, blue cheese. Drizzle with buffalo sauce.
  6. Enjoy!
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What is Self-Care? (Self-Care 101)

self-care 101In the past few years, words like “wellness”, “health”, “wellthy” (healthy + wellness) and “self-care” have been super popular and a part of our everyday vocabulary. ( I KNOW you’ve heard of them recently! ) 

We’re in the middle of a revolution- a revolution of super personal intentions to live happier and healthier lives.  And it all starts with self-care. 

But what is self-care?   And what does it actually mean? 

In a nutshell, self-care is participating in anything that is nourishing, supportive, inspiring and personally fulfilling.  

The catch here- there’s always a catch!- is that this isn’t something that just comes naturally.  It’s a learned behavior.  You have to intentionally practice self-care in order for it to happen. 

Self-care isn’t a one size-fits all.  In fact, it’s 100% different for everyone!  That’s the beauty of it….it’s very personal.  Which is what makes is so fulfilling. 

For example, one major form of self-care for me is to read a fulfilling book.  It’s nourishing and inspiring.  For my hubby, however, one of his is to play guitar.  It feeds his soul and inspires him.  2 completely different strategies, both with the same outcome of personal nourishment. 

It’s such an interesting concept that we are essentially asking ourselves to “learn” how to take care of ourselves as adults- in such a different way than we’re probably used it.  The thing is, it’s vital for our happiness and well-being.  Happiness without self-care just doesn’t exist!

Self-care is NOT something that should be used as a “reward” for doing something right (or a punishment for not doing something right!).  It’s an essential practice that sets the foundation for a happy life.   Think about this.  When are you feeling your best?  When are you the best wife/husband, mother, sister, daughter, friend?  Is it when you’re feeling completely charged, rested and fulfilled?  Or when you give, give, give of yourself and withhold that same amount of care to yourself? 

Since self-care means taking time- something that we are almost all short on- it’s might seem like a sacrifice and just something else to add to the “to-do” list each day.  But ultimately, we must remember that by giving ourselves permission to take care of ourselves is the best thing you can do not only for yourself, but for all of the loved ones in your life.  Not only will YOU be happier and healthier, but those around you will, too.  Sounds like a win-win, right?

 Here’s how to start your self-care practice (yes, it’s a practice that you work on every single day!): 

  • Give yourself permission.  Say this out loud to yourself, “I am worth it”.  Actually, I’ll help you out.  “You are worth it!”
  • Putting yourself first is not indulgent, it’s a necessity.  So start acting like it and allowing yourself to do something for yourself every single day
  • ….no matter how small.  Start small.  Sit in silence for 5 minutes, read your favorite book for 10 minutes in the morning, take time to drink your cup of coffee in the morning at the kitchen table (and not on the stressful commute to work!). 
  • Ask yourself: “What have I done today that is nourishing, inspiring and personally fulfilling for my soul, joy and happiness?”
  • Remember that it is NOT a one size fits all.  Explore and find what feeds your soul.  

unnamed 2

Now that you are prepared to give yourself the gift of care and BELIEVE that you are worth it, here are 10 ideas to possibly try and ultimately inspire you.

1. Gratitude journal.  Spend 5 minutes in the morning or before you go to bed at night writing 5 things you’re thankful for that day. 

2. Get outside. Nature is naturally healing and restorative for our body and soul.  Even 10 minutes a day outside can make an incredible difference.  

3. Make sleep a priority.  Because sleeping is our body’s natural way of regenerating itself, recharging and rests our brain- it’s extremely important to sleep well for our wellbeing. 

4. Nourish from the inside out. Eat simply.  Take time to eat your meal at the dining table.  Eat in season.  Nourish your body. 

5. Daily movement. Find an activity that allows you to move your body that you truly enjoy.  Hate running?  Don’t do it.  Find what resonates with you and do it as often as possible.  Supplement with walks and/or gentle yoga. 

6. Treat yourself.  This can be something as small as a bouquet of flowers for your kitchen table, or a bar of your favorite dark chocolate.  

7. Develop a breathing practice.  Start small by setting aside 1 minute a day and focus solely and deep breathing (remember those deep breathes your parents used to have you do growing up? The ones that go deep into the bottom of your belly? DO THAT).  The more you practice the easier it gets.  

8. Set healthy boundaries.  You can do anything.  But you can’t do everything.  Learn when to say no and when to say yes.  

9. Pamper yourself. Take an epsom salt bath, give yourself an at-home mani or pedi and light a candle.  Lather your body and face in grapeseed or jojoba oil.  

10. Get creative.  Paint a picture, read a light-hearted book, make a vision board, make some jewelry, take some pictures, learn to play a new song.  Use your creativity. 

More than anything, find what you love to do, do what fulfills you and be amazed as your happiness and energy levels improve.  Remember that this is a practice and it won’t happen overnight- that’s why we practice.  Keep going and find what works for you.  Enjoy the journey! <3

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