“Spring Fling” Kettlebell Circuit Workout

What a week!!! We left for Iowa early Friday morning and spent a long weekend with family and friends.  After a loonngg 10 hour drive we arrived back to Ohio late Monday night – Tuesday and Wednesday have been a mad dash to work full days, get unpacked, grocery shop, laundry and basically get our lives in somewhat order :)

It was worth it, though.  I was able to help prepare and attend my best friend’s bridal shower.  Her wedding theme is loosely “gatsby” so you get the bridal shower theme too.

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Cute, right? I just love my bestie.  (Fun fact: she was my maid of honor at my wedding so you know how VIP she is to my life).

Sunday was spent with the fam celebrating Easter: Mass, my in-laws family potluck, & a dinner at home with my immediate family (including practiced yoga on the deck together!)

Like usual, my eating and drinking is always a little more excessive when I get the chance to go back home.  I generally don’t stress about it too much- I am having too much fun with my family and friends! Fortunately I can work it off when I get back with killer workouts.  I gave this workout a try last Thursday morning and I can assure you that it’s a nice and sweaty one ;)  Using kettlebells…my favorite!   

All you need is a kettlebell, so if you have one of your own you could totally take advantage of this spring weather and do it all outside! Or you could even use a dumbell :)  This spring weather is giving me some new life, so I am having fun with more intense-circuit style workouts to match my mood lately.  Give it a go and see if you feeeeel like SPRING when you’re done!

Spring Fling Workout.jpg

How to do the exercises if you aren’t familiar with them:

kettlebell windmill


Kettlebell swing


Single leg deadlift and kettlebell row (replace the dumbelll with a kettlebell)

Unilateral DB deadlift 4single arm kettlebell upwright row  (except instead of this example, stand with your feet like the person above in the single leg deadift with your leg kicked back)


Have fun!

xoxo Alisha

Do you like working out with kettlebells?

Is this spring weather giving you new life and energy like me?